YSNP - The SNP Answer Man

Richard R. Kenyon, PhD and T. Wesley Erickson

Y-SNP data from the ISOGG index. Download

Quickly look up characteristics of a user-specified SNP (e.g. the haplogroup, other names, rs-number, location, and mutation) and identify related and "downstream" haplogroups and SNPs.

Type a SNP identifier into the edit control and press the Enter key. The program will locate a matching record (if it exists) and display pertinent information in the panel below the edit control. The grid will display a list of associated SNPs as well as "downstream" haplogroups and SNPs.

To copy matching records (e.g. to paste into a spreadsheet), select Edit | Copy to clipboard from the menu.

To search for a partial match, select Edit | Find from the menu and enter a search string; the search is not case-sensitive. For example, to locate SNPs that contain "BY1", enter "BY1" in the dialog and click on OK or press the Enter key; the first matching record will be displayed. To step through additional matches, press the F3 function key.

To turn off the start-up message, select the Edit | Settings menu option, then uncheck the Show Start Message box.

To download an updated Index file, select the Edit | Settings menu, then click on the Download button. Your browser will open and navigate to the web site; click on the "SNP-Index" link to download the file to your computer. When the file has downloaded, invoke the File | Open menu option, select the file you just downloaded and click on the Open button.

The program uses data from the Y-DNA SNP Index on the ISOGG web site, which can be captured and saved as a comma-separated values (.csv) file, or downloaded from several mirror sites (see Data Files).

We would like to acknowledge Alice Fairhurst, who painstakingly and meticulously coordinates and maintains the Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree and the Y-DNA SNP Index on which this application is based. Without her dedicated efforts, this project would not exist.