YSNP - The SNP Answer Man

Richard R. Kenyon, PhD and T. Wesley Erickson

Version 2.0.1 released April 17, 2023

Y-SNP data from the ISOGG index. Download

Quickly look up characteristics of a user-specified SNP (e.g. the haplogroup, other names, rs-number, location, and mutation) and identify related and "downstream" haplogroups and SNPs.

Type a SNP identifier into the edit control and press the Enter key. The program will locate a matching record (if it exists) and display pertinent information in the panel below the edit control. The grid will display a list of associated SNPs as well as "downstream" haplogroups and SNPs.

To copy matching records (e.g. to paste into a spreadsheet), select Edit | Copy to clipboard from the menu.

To search for a partial match, select Edit | Find from the menu and enter a search string; the search is not case-sensitive. For example, to locate SNPs that contain "BY1", enter "BY1" in the dialog and click on OK or press the Enter key; the first matching record will be displayed. To step through additional matches, press the F3 function key.

To turn off the start-up message, select the Edit | Settings menu option, then uncheck the Show Start Message box.

To download an updated Index file, select the Edit | Settings menu, then click on the Download button. Your browser will open and navigate to the web site; click on the "SNP-Index" link to download the file to your computer. When the file has downloaded, invoke the File | Open menu option, select the file you just downloaded and click on the Open button.

The program uses data from the Y-DNA SNP Index on the ISOGG web site, which can be captured and saved as a comma-separated values (.csv) file, or downloaded from several mirror sites (see Data Files).

We would like to acknowledge Alice Fairhurst, who for many years painstakingly and meticulously coordinated and maintained the Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree and the Y-DNA SNP Index on which this application is based. Without her dedicated efforts, this project would not exist.